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Individual Healthcare

At Get Medical Plans, we recognise the importance of finding a tailored health insurance solution which suits your particular circumstances. We possess the expertise and knowledge to find the best plan for you. Here is a brief summary of the different levels of cover offered:

  • Budget- this covers in and day-patient treatments, surgical procedures plus MRI/CT/PET scans
  • Mid-range- this covers all of the above as well as limited cover for outpatient consultations, outpatient diagnostic tests and physiotherapy
  • Comprehensive - provides full in, day and outpatient Benefits

Our focus at all times is the suitability of each insurance plan to the individual we are working with. We will always try to maximise the amount of cover you will receive for your budget.

When you take out a plan through Get Medical Plans you will receive the following benefits:

  • We will find the plan and provider which most closely suits your requirements and ensure there are no better offers on the market for your circumstances before we recommend a plan
  • Our experienced advisers will provide you with FREE advice on the process of taking out a plan
  • We are continually reviewing the whole market and comparing the different plans on offer, so have a strong understanding of what each company is offering and how it suits your needs
  • We will set out in a clear and unambiguous way what your plan will and won’t cover, and how the pricing may change in the future
  • We will explain the different factors which can have an impact on the price of your plan and how to keep the price at a sustainable level for your budget

Get Medical Plans

We can also help you find family health insurance which suits your budget and each family member’s requirements. When choosing individual or family health insurance plans there are a number of important factors to keep in mind. These include:

  • Your budget
  • Essential benefits
  • Choice of hospital
  • Out-patient coverage
  • Ability to agree a policy excess